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Welcome to Elliot’s House – Dog Walkers, Pet Taxi, doggie daycare

At Elliot’s House our professional dog walkers and pet daycare providers take pride in giving your pups everything they need, from walking to pet sitting to pet taxi, and we have a lot of fun. Walkers capture your pup’s adventures on camera so you can see how much fun your they’ve had. We are fully insured dog walkers, pet sitting, daycare, and boarding company that services Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and soon to be continued…


dog walking - dog walkers - Boston Cambridge and Somerville
Dogs need attention, exercise and stimulation. At Elliot’s House our walkers pride themselves on giving your pups everything they need and we also have a lot of fun. Walking with us always leads to an adventure which we capture on photos and send you notes about how their walk went.

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Pet Taxi - Boston Cambridge and Somerville
Whenever your pet needs to be transported, use our pet taxi services. Whether it is to the vet or to a friend’s house last minute, our Pet Taxi is more than happy to take him or her!

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doggie daycare pet sitting dogs socializing - Cambridge, Somerville and Boston
In addition to walking, we offer full daycare. Socialization is the key to a happy dog. Elliot’s House daycare is a place to come and play and make friends all day in a safe and fun environment.

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