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At Elliot’s House, our professional dog walkers and pet daycare providers take pride in giving your pups everything they need, from walking to pet sitting to pet taxi, and we have a lot of fun. Walkers capture your pup’s adventures on camera so you can see how much fun they’ve had. We have fully insured dog walkers, pet sitters, daycare providers, and a boarding company that services  Downtown Boston, Seaport, Cambridge, Somerville and soon to be continued…


Dog Walking - our walkers take great care and have a great time. Dogs need attention, exercise and stimulation. At Elliot’s House our dog walkers pride themselves on giving your pups everything they need and we also have a lot of fun. Walking with us always leads to an adventure which we capture on photos and send you notes about how their walk went.

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dog day care - group play and social time for your dog In addition to walking, we offer full daycare. Socialization is the key to a happy dog. Elliot’s House daycare is a place to come and play and make friends all day in a safe and fun environment. Read more

We’re Hiring!

Elliot’s House is a premier pet services company looking for dog walkers and pet sitters.

We are looking to add eager and energetic individuals to our growing team!


Keeping Cool

Hi Pet Parents! We hope you’ve all been doing well and staying healthy! It’s starting to heat up and our furry friends are feeling the heat, too! We’re here to give you some tips on how to keep them cool this summer. First things first – always make sure your pup has...

Yappy Music

Exploring the Relationship between Music and Dog Behavior Music. It’s been known to soothe the savage beast and provide a soundtrack to our fondest memories. Everyone has their own taste in music and our fur babies are no exception. Music can have a profound effect on...

Peanut Butter Problems

Why Some Types of Peanut Butter can be Harmful to Your Pup Everybody knows that dogs love peanut butter! It’s a delicious treat for pups and humans alike and it can make it easier to convince your dog to eat their food or take their medication. Just like humans, some...

Dogs, Cats, Thanks, and Giving

Charitable Causes for Pets + More in Massachusetts It’s been a wonderful year for the team here at Elliot’s House! We are so thankful for all of our pack members and the adorable fur babies that we’ve had the pleasure of walking, grooming, and caring for in 2019. At...
Black border collie dog and maple leaf, autumn

Fall Dog Adventures

The Best Dog Adventures in Massachusetts It’s always sad to see summer come to an end, but there are always new adventures for you and your pup to look forward to in the fall. Jumping through freshly made piles of leaves. Enjoying a scenic walk with your dog around a...

Barky, Mind and Soul: Navigating the Pet Supplements Industry

If you ever took vitamins disguised as “Gummi Bears” every day at breakfast before school, then you may have some experience with the vitamin and supplements industry. A healthy diet can do wonders for your personal health, but vitamins and supplements can also be a...

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