If you ever took vitamins disguised as “Gummi Bears” every day at breakfast before school, then you may have some experience with the vitamin and supplements industry. A healthy diet can do wonders for your personal health, but vitamins and supplements can also be a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. These days it feels like every television health guru and lifestyle coach pushes supplements as an essential part of daily life. There are supplements for your cognitive health, supplements to make your hair shine, and for everything else in between. Supplements do have proven uses and benefits, but not all supplements are made the same.  Just as companies have flocked to the pet food industry, many companies are flocking to the pet supplements industry.  Pet supplements can be a great way to make sure that your pup gets all of the necessary nutrients that they need to live a healthy life. Pet foods have most of the nutrients your pup needs, but supplements can help with issues that diets may have trouble addressing. For example, dogs with anxiety can benefit from taking CBD supplements and dogs with joint issues benefit from taking Glucosamine. At Elliot’s House, we’ve seen a lot of dogs come into the dog daycare in Somerville with anxiety that have benefited from using CBD products for their anxiety.  The supplements themselves can be very helpful for pups, but as the pet product industry grows to around $75 billion, it is important to put some thought into what supplements you purchase. This post will explore pet supplements, their benefits, and a bit about the pet supplements industry.

The Elliot’s House team agrees that supplements can be a nice addition to a pup’s diet, but most pups get the same benefits as they would from supplements from proper diet and exercise. Despite this, the pet supplements industry has grown extremely large and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Some pets truly do have a medical need for supplements, but more and more pets are getting supplements when they don’t truly need them as larger companies push their products and their benefits.  As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, not all pet foods are made equal, but store-bought pet foods are required by law to contain all of the vitamins and nutrients your pup needs. The American College of Veterinary Medicine issued a statement saying “If your pet is eating a complete and balanced commercially available pet food, supplements are not recommended unless specifically prescribed by your veterinarian. This reduces the chances of excesses and averse nutrient or medication interactions.” All of this to say that the first step in your journey to get pet supplements for your pup should involve a stop at the vet clinic to get guidance from your trusted veterinarian.

The market that is currently being targeted the most by pet supplement companies is millennial pet owners. Millennial pet owners make up the largest portion of the money spent on pet supplements in the pet supplement industry which is valued at around $636 million. The team at Elliot’s House is aware that the overall importance of self-care that has become part of millennial culture has spread from owner to pet and, to many, supplements are seen as necessary for pups to live a full life. As previously stated, this is not always the case. Supplements are one element of a healthy life, but not as vital as proper diet and exercise.  Most pet parents purchase their supplements online and most people that buy pet supplements online do it after buying their own supplements online for personal consumption.  Glucosamine and Fish Oil are currently the most popular supplements. For any dogs with joint issues, we would highly recommend looking into the use of Glucosamine. One of the leading online suppliers of pet supplements is Petlab CO. They have a variety of their own pet treats and supplements with proprietary blends of various supplements that can help with joint pain, heart health, and anxiety. It’s always smart to talk to a vet before you buy any kind of supplement, but PetLab CO is a good brand to bring up with your veterinarian.

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