Charitable Causes for Pets + More in Massachusetts

It’s been a wonderful year for the team here at Elliot’s House! We are so thankful for all of our pack members and the adorable fur babies that we’ve had the pleasure of walking, grooming, and caring for in 2019. At Elliot’s House, we truly love what we do and every day we get to spend with your fur babies is a blessing! In honor of Thanksgiving, we’d like to name some of our favorite charitable causes for pets and more in the Massachusetts area. There are many fur babies that spend their holidays in shelters and the men and women that volunteer at these shelters work tirelessly to find homes for as many fur babies as they can, but they could always use resources to help these fur babies find their forever homes.  Fur babies aren’t the only ones that could use help at this time of year as the days grow colder and resources become scarcer. There are many vulnerable populations ranging from low-income families to the elderly that can no longer care for themselves who could use support to stay warm and fed through the winter.  This blog post will discuss a few of the charities that members of the Elliot’s House team think are worthy of a donation.

PAWS New England

PAWS New England is a pet rescue and placement non-profit that helps place abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from all over New England, the South, and the Mid-West. Started in 2005 by three women with a passion for dogs and a drive to save as many dogs as possible after witnessing the fate of dogs in high-kill shelters, is composed of unpaid volunteers who strive to save as many pups as possible. They work with shelters to get dogs appointments with partner veterinarians to make sure they have their shots, and then they help to find foster families so that pups can finally find them forever homes.  They do wonderful work and have helped make a difference in the lives of countless fur babies. Elliot’s House has worked with PAWS New England in the past and they are always kind, compassionate, and focused on providing every pup they can with a loving home.  They accept donations of any size and every bit helps. We are also accepting donations of blankets, coats, dry and wet food, pee pads collars leashes, bowls, crates, dog beds, and cash donations, and any dog-related accessories at our Somerville location for the pups under the care of the wonderful volunteers at PAWS New England.

MSPCA – Jamaica Plain,  MA

The Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of the first animal rescues established in Massachusetts and their team members work tirelessly to rescue, shelter, protect, heal, and advocate for animals. In fact, they help thousands of animals each year and are one of the most impactful humane organizations in the United States.  The MSPCA was founded shortly after the civil war and helped to make laws and standards of care that affect all pet care organizations in the United States. The MSPCA is involved in many levels of pet rescue and pet care from placing fur babies in their forever homes to training and spay and neuter services. A donation to the MSPCA helps to guarantee the happiness and well being of fur babies all across Massachusetts.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls – Boston, MA

Lovin’ Spoonfuls is a non-profit food rescue headquartered in Boston that facilitates the rescue and distribution of healthy, fresh food that would normally be discarded by grocery stores, produce wholesalers, farmers, and farmers markets. Lovin’ Spoonfuls rescues this food and provides it to local meal programs and social service entities serving those in need. Not only does Lovin’ Spoonfuls help to provide food for those that need it most, but it also reduces waste and environmental emissions. Lovin’ Spoonfuls has rescued and distributed over 7,500,000 pounds of fresh food in the Boston area, feeding over 500,000 people.  Food scarcity is a harsh reality, especially in urban environments, and a donation to Lovin’ Spoonfuls helps bring us one step closer to ending food scarcity in Boston.

Animal Rescue League of Boston – Boston, MA

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is another worthy non-profit that helps, rescue, train and nurture animals of all kinds across Boston and the rest of Massachusetts. The Animal Rescue League of Boston began operation 120 years ago and is operated by 540 volunteers and 100 staff members dedicated to supporting and nurturing all the pups under their care. They provide rescue, veterinary, training, and fostering services. You can donate here through their website.

These are some of the causes that we support here at Elliot’s House, but there are many more great non-profits for both fur babies and people in need that we haven’t mentioned on this list. We encourage everyone to donate to a cause of their choice and embrace the holiday spirit!


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