Hi Pet Parents! We hope you’ve all been doing well and staying healthy!

It’s starting to heat up and our furry friends are feeling the heat, too! We’re here to give you some tips on how to keep them cool this summer.

First things first – always make sure your pup has access to water and that they stay hydrated. Try taking your dog to the park or outside for playtime in the early morning or evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Thinking about shaving your dog down to keep them cool? Do your research first! Search your dogs breed, or ask the groomer their advice! For some breeds, it’s a great idea! For others, it can actually be harmful to shave them down. Some examples – if you have a dog that gets regular hair cuts (poodle/poodle mix, shitzu, Maltese, etc), you can get them a shorter hair cut! But other breeds, those who have an undercoat (golden retriever, Australian shepherd, etc) should not be shaved down. Their undercoat is there for a reason – it protects them from the sun, and can even help keep them cool. Instead, try brushing them often or get a de-shedding done a couple of times throughout the summer. This can help remove some of the excess and heavy hair, without removing their undercoat. Regardless of breed or hair type, brushing your dog often is important to keep their coat detangled and mat-free. 

Other ways to keep your pup cool in the summer:

  • Lots of water!
  • Play indoors, or in the shade! Try to have energized playtime in the early morning or evening. 
  • If you do have to have your pup in the sun for an extended period, consider using sunscreen! Dogs with thin, white, or short coats are susceptible to sunburn, so keep their skin safe with dog-safe sunscreen.
  • Never leave your dog in a hot car! Even if the window is cracked, the temperature can rise to a deadly degree. Keep your AC on, or leave your pup at home!
  • While at home, especially if your pup is not in the AC, make sure their crate/bed is not in front of a window or in direct sunlight. Close the shades or move them to a cooler area.
  • Bring your dog to daycare during the midday heat! Our facility is fully indoors and air-conditioned so your pup can play and hang comfortably all day!
  • Don’t forget about their feet! Try to keep them on the grass, and off of the hot pavement when possible. If you don’t have much access to grassy areas, try booties for their feet or apply a protective paw wax, such as Musher’s secret! 
  • Other products to help cool down your pup:
    • Cooling mat/pad for your pup to lay on
    • Doggie pool!
    • Freezable toys & treats!
    • Slicker brush to help brush out that excess fur!
    • Crate fan
    • Canopy to keep them in the shade!


Happy Summer, stay cool!!

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