I think it is pretty hard not to recognize the insane amount of snow that has taken over in the Cambridge and Somerville areas where I work. If you live or work in this vicinity, (where for whatever reason the snow miser has decided to take over as mayor this winter season) then you understand how this surplus of snow affects almost everyone’s life in one way or another, even if it is just the struggle get to and from work. However if you’re me, we are talking a whole different ballgame when we discuss the weather affecting one’s work. I am a dog walker. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE SIDEWALKS LOOK LIKE HERE? I have slipped, I have fallen, I have ice skated with animals that pull me like I’m on a dog sled, and I have picked so much salt out of doggy paws, I could give you all high blood pressure. Let’s just be honest, it is a challenge to walk your dogs in the city this winter. But you know what…I STILL LOVE MY JOB!!! And I’m sure you still love your dogs! Life goes on, even when it seems as though this weather will keep us from seeing the ground until June, we still have to get out there with our fur children. If you are struggling to get outside with your dog this winter, then I suggest visiting one of my favorite dog parks in Cambridge; Danehy Park. I love taking some of the dogs that I walk here. EVEN WITH ALL OF THE SNOW! It is clean, you can still get in and out of it, and its completely fenced in so you can help your fur baby get out all of their pent up energy from this cabin fever we have all been suffering from. And my favorite part, no slipping on ice! Oh…and the doggies love it too! 😀 If you don’t believe me check out this video of some pups at Danehy park this week! And then if you still don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. Above all, stay safe out there fur mommies and daddies! Your babies need you!

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