Albie‚Äôs August BarkBox came and was greeted with the usual enthusiastic tail wagging and happy sniffs. ¬†I’m not sure how he knows it’s for him (I mean, I imagine it’s the smell) but I like to pretend he can read and he sees the doggy logo and is like, Oh thank god, I have been waiting for my monthly treat. ¬†Mother, get the scissors and get it open. ¬†Shhhhh, I’m not weird. ¬†You are. ¬†Anyway, we have gotten this subscription for over a year and we love it! ¬†As with most subscription boxes, the longer you sign up for the less it costs. ¬†Boxes are customized to your dog’s size and chew-desire. ¬†Albie is, as you may know if you have been following, both a giant¬†and a super-heavy chewer. ¬†I love this box because some of his all-favorite and most durable toys have come from it,¬†and it stops me from buying treats every time I‚Äôm at the store because I know they‚Äôre coming each month. ¬†How’s that for justifying cost? ¬†I think it actually saves me money! ¬†So what did he get this month?



First Look at the box

In order for me to be able to take any pictures I had to get Albie out of the way. ¬†I teased him with that big ol’ ball and threw it at him.


Look how nice I sit, Mommy!  Throw it! (I took off the paper first)

The theme this month was “Ahoy, matey”. ¬†The description card promised a “mighty ocean inspired journey” that will allow your pup to have fun both on land and at sea. ¬†A fairly new, and very cool, feature is the ability to text to reorder favorite items. ¬†I think that everything should be able to occur through texts. ¬†That sounds more dystopian that I intended, but for something like a reorder of a subscription box item a text seems efficient and hassle free! ¬†The information cards are really cute, featuring cartoon pups, quality paper, nice font, and clever puns. ¬†This box really does feel like a treat for Al and us.

So that big ol’ ball I threw to Al is Jolly Pets Romp and Roll: it’s a combination ball and rope that allows pups to have an exciting playtime. ¬†It floats! ¬†It has endless possibilities! ¬†It is just a red ball now because Albie ate that rope off so quickly! ¬†Hahahaha. ¬†We don’t hate the player, just the game (or something) so this is not a critique of the toy. ¬†Albie is an animal, and I mean that metaphorically not¬†literally as, obviously, he’s an animal. ¬†Aren’t we all? ¬†His new red ball seems very sturdy. ¬†BarkBox says this toy was worth $11 but Amazon has it priced higher. ¬†They claim it’s a $19 item but you can have it delivered by drones for $13.29 and free prime shipping.


Jolly Pets Romp n’ Roll



The rest of the box

Usually there’s 5 items in the box, so this one felt a wee bit light. ¬†Besides the big ball, Albie received a lobster toy and 2 seafood-themed treats. ¬†On a related note, I wish I had lobster rolls and cheddar biscuits right now. ¬†This review is bringing out the seafood lover in me. ¬†Which is to say that Albie received:

Grandma Bowser’s Cheddar Biscuits¬†He has received this brand before and enjoyed it and these biscuits are no different. ¬†They are made in the USA and free of wheat, corn, and soy (because it’s important to give our pets as many food restrictions as we give ourselves!) ¬†BarkBox quotes these as an $8 item and the internet agrees!


Bocce’s Baker Lobster Roll Treat¬†These yummy looking treats are made with locally-sourced lobster from the coast of Maine and are wheat-free. ¬†Organic rye & barley flour, lobster, kelp, and parsley are the only ingredients. ¬†Hmmmmm… maybe I could have lobster rolls tonight! ¬†(Just kidding.) ¬†BarkBox and the internet price these at $10 a bag.

The final item Albie received was a Pet Rageous Lobster. ¬†This came with its own information card. ¬†It said that the “Lobster will be happiest when swimming around in some water- whether that be rivers, lakes, a backyard pool, or dare we say… a bathtub! ¬†Your pup’s new Lobster friend is not intended to be a chew toy but rather one to be enjoyed during some supervised, watery fun.” ¬†Well, Albie doesn’t really understand that anything isn’t intended to be used a chew toy (including a beautiful pair of Madewell flats, eyeglasses, and a coffee table) so this one has stayed in the box. ¬†Actually, I have a friend who is expecting a baby so I may just be sending this on her way to use as a bath toy for the new baboo. ¬†Albie would demolish it in a good 3 minutes and it sure is cute. ¬†BarkBox said that the lobster is worth $8 ¬†and I’m having a hard time finding otherwise, so we can go with that price.

All totaled, using the BarkBox prices, even though they seem to err on the lower side, this box had a value of $37, putting it well above the $18/ box I paid at subscription. ¬†Also, part of the value comes from not paying for shipping, which if you live in a rural town like I do, where the nearest Target is a 25 minute drive, is really important. ¬†Part of the fun, of course, is getting things you don’t see everywhere and the surprise of what you will get. ¬†I used to personally subscribe to other boxes for myself, like ipsy, yuzen, and pop sugar, but stopped because the items didn’t always justify the cost as they were things I already had, didn’t need, didn’t want, or could find cheaper online or at Marshalls. ¬†I don’t ever feel that way about BarkBox. ¬†Worst case scenario, we get a cute toy like the lobster that I just know he will tear up but can regift to a pal. ¬†Once in a while we get treats he’s not immediately feeling, but eventually even those get eaten because, like Nicki Minaj, you can tell he’s not missing no¬†meals. ¬†(Real talk: that song is dumb. ¬†I hope Sir Mix-A-Lot got paid. ¬†His song was awesome). ¬†

All in all, I would give August’s BarkBox 4 out of 5 tail wags. ¬†Do you subscribe? ¬†Do you want to? ¬†Subscribe here:¬†


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Julie Bee
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