As a company that’s constantly outside with any number of dogs at once, we pride ourselves on having a pretty extensive knowledge of fun, pup friendly parks and destinations around the city. There are actually a large amount of factors that can make a dog-specific park ideal for both the owner and their dog, so we’ve put together an updated list of our personal favorites! We hope that you find out about a hidden gem you can enjoy this upcoming Fall with your best friend(s)!

Pacific Street Dog Park (Tudor St/ Brookline St. Cambridge)

Tudor (or Pacific St) dog park is a definite go to and favorite for many of our Cambridge walkers, as it is both well maintained and centrally located just outside of Central Square in Cambridge. The park is expansive and has both a sanded play area complete with planters, cement tunnels, and an agility pyramid along with an even bigger dog-friendly leash-on field if your pup needs a break from running around. All of the amenities needed to keep the park safe are in place as well, including a two-gate entrance system on both ends of the park, a 3-tiered water fountain (for you and your pup), and plenty of space to keep crowding and pack behavior at bay. Early bird gets run of the park here, so come out for an 8-9am session and you and your buddy will have the place to yourselves!

North End Dog Park (Prince St. Boston)

While a little beyond the beaten path for many of our routes, we wanted to include a newer *destination* dog park that has ALL the bells and whistles. This fancy park opened late winter last year and boasts corner to corner antibacterial turf with it’s own irrigation system to keep things sparkling clean year round! Many of the agility obstacles are turfed as well, and there’s even misting hydrants to keep your pup cool in those balmy Boston summer days! This park also boasts lighting so you and your fuzzy friend can play long past dark on those dreary winter days. If your pup get intimidated by ‘the big dogs’, there’s also a designated spot for dogs under 25lbs as well. Something for everyone!

Zero New Washington Dog Park (Somerville near Sullivan Station)

While Nunziato Park in nearby Union Square is also a popular spot, this park has a few more amenities including a longer, more open running surface, lights, and an agility ramp. A large gazebo offers shelter on those unpredictable New England days, and your pup can enjoy a water fountain in between running after that mine field of tennis balls. The dirt substrate can get a little messy in the fall/winter months, but there is also now some turf to break up the muddiness. As with most of the other parks here, the weekends are the most crowded, so get here on a weekday morning before work and you and your pup will own the place!

There’s PLENTY more where that came from, so feel free to use the links (linked in the park name headlines), and get outside and explore with your best friend!


-Elliot’s House



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