It is definitely an understatement to say that dog food has undergone a MASSIVE change over the last ten or so years. While a majority of owners used to settle for popular name brands, there is now a much needed emphasis on fresh, organic ingredients not too dissimilar from what you may see on your own plate. Our pups are a member of the family after all, so why wouldn’t you pay as much (or hopefully more) attention to what’s keeping them going everyday?  There are several factors to take into consideration, along with many ‘buzz’ words designed to catch a buyer’s attention i.e. organic, grain-free, and even paleo and gluten-free. Mainly, what you’re looking for is a product with natural or preferably no preservatives, no food dyes or rendered fats of any kind, and human-grade ingredients. We’ll show you some our personal favorites in each category, along with some interesting new offerings in the world of food for your best friend!

Best Grain-Free Food

Tast of the Wild Sierra Mountain Dog Food
Grain-free is a phrase that has steadily gained popularity; the idea being that your dog’s food should cater to natural, carnivorous tendencies first and leave any fillers out of the equation. These types of food are great for increasing energy, giving your dog a heartier meal to keep them full longer, and even helping with coat/dental health. Taste of the Wild is a top option that combines lamb, peas and sweet potatoes to deliver a tasty and filling meal with probiotics to aid in digestion.

Best Vet-Recommended Food

Royal Canin Adult Dog FOod
Royal Canin is a leading company in the field of breed, size, and dietary condition specific dog food. They pride themselves on not catering to any specific ‘trends’ and delivering a consistent product catering to any and all pet needs. They make everything from large breed specific food to help with joint pain and digestive issues to prescription weight control food and everything in between! Pro-tip, this is what the famous Elliot of Elliot’s House eats!

Best Human Grade/Fancy Food

Chicken Cow Wow Dog Food
Nom Nom Now is a newer company taking the direct to consumer meal delivery system of Blue Apron etc and catering it your dog. They offer freshly prepared, pre-portioned meals delivered right to you and ready to serve to your dog in flavors that honestly look good to the owner doing the ordering (i.e. Heartland Beef Mash, Tasty Turkey Fare, etc). Definitely on the more expensive side, but a gourmet option for those looking for it!

As always, do your research as there are countless factors going into what food/diet works best for each pup specifically, keep an eye out for any stomach issues when changing your dog’s food, and have fun giving your best friend a meal you feel good about!

Have a healthy and happy Fall,

-Elliot’s House

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