Unfortunately the answer is yes, but we’re here to help you do your best to make sure it doesn’t happen to your pup! When a human is sick, everyone within a ten mile radius knows. We complain, call out of work, and lean extra hard on our friends and family for chicken soup deliveries and royal treatment. We all know our furry friends can’t speak up about symptoms, so there’s a few things to watch out for in order to stop a mild and preventable virus. First off, don’t panic; dog flu is most commonly just a bit uncomfortable and ultra rarely life-threatening. That being said, it’s fairly easily spread by any friendly nose-to-nose contact or any dog park/daily social activity. How do you know if your pup may have it? The symptoms range from your typical lethargic behavior to sniffles and cough resembling ‘kennel cough’. If you suspect your pup is coming down with the flu, simply take them to your local vet and discuss whether a flu shot is the most effective option. We work closely with the Boston Veterinary Clinic, which offers a shot covering both the flu and distemper/parvovirus. As with preventing any communicable virus, your best line of defense is always common sense. Do your research and only board/daycare with reputable companies (like us!), bring your own collapsible bowl to the dog park, and keep a close eye on your best friend to see if they are exhibiting any symptoms keeping them from being their most energetic and happy selves!

Here’s to a happy and healthy Fall season!


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