Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy

  • Walking: walking, cat sitting and other general services require a 24-hour cancellation policy in order for us to better serve you. ¬†Any cancellations made¬†without a 24-hour notice¬†will be charged for that day‚Äôs services.
  • Boarding: Boarding pickup times happen in two sessions: 1) Morning (8-11am) and 2) Afternoon (3-5pm). Checkout time is 9:00 am after the last night of boarding and your pet will be home between 8-11am. There are no afternoon pickups on Fridays.

    Should you need a later checkout time in the afternoon, your pet will stay for Daycare for the day for an additional fee of $35 per pet. During this time your pet will get to run and play with other furry pals for the day. Drop off will be between 3-5pm.

    All boarding services include free pickup and drop off for Cambridge and Somerville, Downtown Boston and Seaport residents.

    Canceling a reservation will require you to pay for the half of time reserved unless you cancel before the 48 hours for all non-holiday reservations, and more than seven (7) days in advance for holiday reservations. (A holiday is defined by our company as any holiday recognized by the US Postal Service.)


All cancelation must be done via the owners portal or email. No phone cancelation or cancelation via service providers. If you have any cancellations or schedule changes please contact us:


Call: 617-800-9421

Text: 617-800-9421


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