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Cat sitting service offered in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville

Most cats are very attached to their territory and remaining at home eliminates the stress of travel or boarding. Each cat receives loving care tailored to his/her needs. The remaining time is spent keeping your cat(s) happy in whatever ways you suggest (no brushing ).

Cat sitters will be required to check in with the office once a day to confirm that everything is moving forward and has been completed. Cat sitters will also send text messages inclusive of photos and/or videos to each owner.

Cat Sitting (1) Cat Household:  $20.00 per visit

Cat Sitting (2) Cat Household:  $35.00 per visit

* $8 for every additional cat in the same household

* We only send pictures and update via the app and it’s not compatible with emails. This service is only for the USA and not outside of the country.

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