These days we have everything we could ever want or need right at our fingertips just with the click of a button. Apps such as Lyft, Uber, Curb, Foodler, GrubHub, PostMates, DoorDashed, etc., are so useful for our hustle and bustle and will deliver practically anything you want right to your doorstep.

Similar to all the these, the new buzz around town are apps such as Rover and Wag!. These apps allow you to find dog walkers, pet sitters, “5-star” boarding, doggy day care – everything you need right from your smartphone. This is great, right? It’s wonderful that people have taken the time to create something that is useful and beneficial to our furry loved ones but is the focus truly on our companions or the surplus of “5-star” employees who range anywhere from $15-$25 for 30 minutes? If you think about these apps and then think about what Elliot’s House and other local pet care businesses have to offer, the decision is very easy – Elliot’s House.

But why Elliot’s House? Aside from offering a variety of different services, consistent low prices, special requests, on the go text-message updates, professionalism, and fun… Elliot’s House is personal. The main focus is providing the best care possible through listening, hearing, and understanding the specific needs and wants of an owner and furry friend. Throughout the busy day, it’s easy to get caught up in racing around and forget the reason why we are here but Elliot’s House always remembers – to help all your furry companions. Elliot’s House takes the important steps of providing training for each hand selected, new hire. Allowing employees the time and tools to learn everything they need to know about each individual pet we care for is a step that many other services might not take. Also, as we all know, some of our pets have serious allergies, habits, and traits that need to be tended to and not forgotten about which happens a lot more than you would think with these types of on the go services. That’s why Elliot’s House has a process, for us to insure we provide only the best care. It’s important for us that each pet is as comfortable, happy, loved and supported as possible.

Here at Elliot’s House we depend on our individual employees professionalism, passion, and experience to make sure every walk/sit/transport/grooming service is a success. We are each reliable for every encounter, if there ever were to be a problem, it will be addressed immediately unlike Rover or Wag!, where it will just go to another inbox of complaints along with many others. There are many more factors that we can read between the lines to understand when it comes to choosing the right humans to take care of our animal babies, Elliot’s House is a knockout!

The values on which Elliot’s House was built upon is very unique because we come from a true passion that even in the midst of being a business, our love for pets never dies.

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