Dogs are a joy to have around and keeping them healthy and a part of a family for many years is the goal. However, just as with humans, health complications will arise and you will need to treat them. Amongst some of these complications are dog arthritis and persistent pet joint pains. No need to sweat; here is a variety of arthritis treatment options to explore.


Time cures many ailments. If your dog has arthritic episodes – let him or her rest often. Rest allows the body time to self-heal and recuperate. Also, be sure to bring your dog food his food and water so he doesn’t have to get up. Chances are he might decide to forgo food in lieu of not having to move. Encourage him as much as you can to sleep and lie down, not forcefully though.

Joint Supplements

Many supplements, such as PSCPets Joint Support for Dogs, are readily available for purchase. These supplements not only help to alleviate pet joint pains, but they can work wonders on arthritis as well. If you just can’t stand to see your pet in pain, this is probably the best option for some quick relief.


This is never an ideal option, but it may be a necessary one for arthritis treatment. If you have tried other methods for curing your pet’s joint pains and arthritis; but have not succeeded it may take more action. Surgical procedures are available to address sever cases of canine arthritis. These types of procedures can dramatically increase quality of life, however should always be looked at as a last resort. Surgical procedures are costly and can have consequences. If your veterinarian is moving in this direction for your pet, he or she will be able to share with you pro’s and con’s of surgical treatments.

Dietary Modifications

If your pet is a heavier-set; this could very well be the source of the joint pain. Arthritis and joint pain can settle itself in with extra pounds weighing in on their delicate joints. If this is the case; a dietary re-structuring may be in order. Start by picking leaner foods, and do your best to not allow your dog eat human foods; especially if they are high in fat content. Fix the weight; and you might very well fix the arthritis. Here is a post with more detailed information on Pet Weight Management.

Massage Therapy

Another great arthritis treatmentis massage. Yes – it sound odd; but massage therapy can stimulate and increase blood flow to the joints enhancing the healing process while reducing joint pain. Arthritis is painful, and massage therapy is one of the best ways to provide comfort and healing.
There are numerous ways one can pursue treating dog arthritis and joint pain including rest, pet supplements, diet modifications, surgery and massage. Although it can be a slow and painful process for your dog; it will be worth it when you are again able to take “man’s best friend” out for a comfortable Sunday stroll.

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