Here at Elliot’s House we love to give you tips about activities and places where you can spend time with your dog. A big part of being a dog is running around and playing without having a human on the other end of the leash. In this post, we want to tell you about some of the best dog parks in the Somerville, Cambridge, Seaport and Boston areas, where you can let your dog play freely, and socialize with other doggies.

Nunziato Field Dog Park

A fenced-in, off-leash gravel dog park enjoyed by local dogs and their owners every day. The crowd here is said to be very friendly and well behaved, so both you and your dog can enjoy some socializing here. Although water is not provided here, water bowls and toys are scattered around the field, and in case you forgot to bring your own water, we’re sure some kind dog owner will share some of his or her water with your puppy, and should you forget to bring poop bags, that is provided by the park too.
You can read more about the locals’ opinions on Nunziato Field Dog Park here:

Zero New Washington Dog Park

By far one of the largest dog parks in the area, Zero New Washington Dog Park is completely fenced in, allowing you to let your dog run around by itself without having to worry about its safety. Benches, water fountains and a gazebo are everywhere in the park, and so are toys and different kinds of obstacles like tunnels and stairs for dogs to play on. You will find free poop bags in case you have forgotten your own, just like in Nunziato Field Dog Park. Many a dog owner reports that most people there follow the park etiquette, and even if the dogs might get a little dirty from playing in the mud, it’s definitely a favorite for people who live in the area. Also, the park is located on an industrial street, so you don’t have to worry about not finding a parking spot.
To read reviews or see how to get there, click here:

Danehy Dog Park

Danehy Dog Park is not only a completely fenced-in dog park where you safely can let your dog run around off-leash, it also provides drinking water and a separate area for small dogs. The dog park is located inside a bigger park, so you can choose to walk your dog outside of the fence, or let it play inside the fenced-in dog park.
For more information on Danehy Dog Park, read here:

Tudor Street Dog Park

Lying right next to a soccer field, the fenced-in dog park on Tudor St is perfect for local dog owners and their dogs. Although smaller than the other parks mentioned in this post, it makes for a great place to meet new people – and of course new dogs. It is a dog park in its simplest form, but for the dogs, the most important thing is not the scenery, but rather the people and the dogs it is surrounded with.
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Fresh Pond

Lastly, if you are a Cambridge resident, this place is a great playground for you and your dog. Fresh grass surrounds the pond, and even though park rules say you should keep your dog on a leash, most people will let their dogs run around freely. In comparison to the dog parks mentioned above, Fresh Pond has grass and trees instead of gravel, which might make for nicer surroundings for you and your dog. Parking is for Cambridge residents only, so that is something you should keep in mind.
You can see more information on Fresh Pond here:

Perry Park

Although not fenced in, this park contains grass fields that are perfect for playing fetch with your dog, or for relaxing in the lush grass. There is also a spot for children to play, so if you have children, this is a great place to let both your human and canine puppy for a walk.
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Peter’s Park Dog Run

This fenced-in dog run offers plenty of shade, and a spacious area where your dog can play around. There is a separate area for small dogs, so you don’t have to worry about your smallest friends. It is very popular among the locals, who seem to think it is a clean and nice environment, as well as attracting a wide variety of dogs and friendly dog owners.
To know more about Peter’s Park, and to see pictures, please click here:

Paul Revere Park

Filled with constructions for the dogs to play in, Paul Revere Park is a great place to bring your dog to socialize and play. It is not fenced in though, so you should keep an eye on your furry friend as he/she runs around. The park is not close to the busiest roads, however, so your dog should be safe from traffic.
Read more about Paul Revere Park here:

Ronan Park Dog Recreation Space

Although a bit further from the other parks on this list, this great dog park is worth a visit. Located inside the beautiful Ronan Park, this enclosed area for dogs will definitely not disappoint. It is clean and spacious, and instead of dirt and grass, the ground is covered in rock pebbles. There is a water fountain so your dog can keep hydrated, as well as plenty of trashcans and some benches.
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All of these dog parks have their pros and cons, but what they have in common is that they are great places for your dog to socialize with other dogs, and they are all located within Somerville and Cambridge, which means you won’t have to travel to the other end of the city to spend some quality play time with your dog. Have fun exploring the dog parks of Boston!
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