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Dog walker service offered in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Seaport

Our private dog walker service¬†is fully insured. ¬†We offer 20, 30 and 45 minute walks around your neighborhood. ¬†Our¬†dog walking services¬†are available in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Seaport. ¬†Your professional dog walker adjusts the walking pace to your pup’s activity level. ¬†Food and water can be administered¬†upon request.

Our professional dog walkers take pride in their responsibilities. ¬†We help your pup maintain a healthy exercise program. ¬†Our walkers ensure your pup has social interaction and can relieve himself during the day. ¬†Even when it is raining or snowing dogs need to go out. ¬†Our walkers have rain and snow gear. They feel comfortable driving and walking in all weather. ¬†Our dog handlers check in with our office twice a day. ¬†Our staff confirms with your walker, that your pup’s walk went well.

We offer a 2-3 hour window for schdudled walks.  Time will be spent walking, exercising, and ensuring potty breaks are occurring. Basic walk requests such as refreshing water, wiping paws and giving treats are included. Your pet will be kept on a leash while walking. This is to ensure safety.

We encourage social interaction whenever possible. This often leads to adventures. We¬†capture your pet’s adventures for you in emails, photos and sometimes videos. You’ll soon see how much fun we have together.


  • 20 minutes: $20 per walk
  • 30 minutes:¬†$30 per walk
  • 45 minutes:¬†$45 per walk

* $8 for every additional dog in the same household

If you’d like to use our dog walking service please contact us
Tel: 617-800-9421

Elliot’s House reserves the right to cancel services if weather conditions, travel conditions or other circumstances are deemed unsafe at the sole discretion of the company.

At Elliot’s House our professional walkers take pride in giving your pups everything they need. ¬†From walking to pet sitting to daycare, and more… we have a lot of fun. ¬†We also offer pet taxi services for those important appointments. We are fully insured. ¬†We service Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and soon to be continued…

Pet Clothing and Shoes

elliots says, "get dressed!"If we have to dress your pet before walking, time used to do this will be deducted from the scheduled service time.

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