The rise of digital applications and advances in software and hardware continue to have an extreme impact on the pet care industry. At Elliot’s House, we prefer to do things digitally and that trend is slowly sweeping across the entire pet care industry. Some dog daycares and walking services stick to old school administrative methods that are tried and true, but, here at Elliot’s House, we believe that the future of the pet care industry lies in taking advantage of technological advances to provide pet parents and their fur babies with the best possible experience across all of our services. The development of full-service applications for the pet care industry has been a slow process, but applications and online services are beginning to catch up to the standards set by other industries.  Wag and Rover are two of the most prominent examples of how pet care has gone digital. The application of these new technologies to the industry is full of potential, but there are bound to be drawbacks and growing pains. This post will discuss some of the interesting technological trends in the pet care industry and how they affect clients and businesses alike.

Walks and Sitting On-Demand

One of the biggest advantages of digital applications making their way into the pet care industry is the ease of scheduling. At any given moment you can use whatever your preferred application is, whether it be Wag, Rover or a dedicated application for your favorite brick and mortar pet care service, and schedule whatever service you need. Say you need a walk in the next hour or want to book out a stay at a boarding house for the upcoming weekend. Once you’ve registered with the application services are just a click away. Services like Wag and Rover have also moved into dog sitting and “pet hotels”, but with mixed results. The ease of use is great, but unlike dedicated pet care companies, Wag and Rover’s employees are contractors and are not closely monitored. With these applications, the drawback is that you sacrifice guaranteed quality for ease of use. At Elliot’s House, we don’t quite have a dedicated digital application, but our online portal makes it easy to book services for our dedicated team of walkers and daycare/boarding house attendants.  As technology advances even further and more people dedicate time to creating applications for the pet care industry, the infrastructure will improve and it will only become easier for pet care service providers to provide clients with pet care services in quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Pet Products

Automatic feeders and water fountains have been around for some time, but they only continue to increase in quality and other forms of automated/interactive technologies for pets have arisen. One example of new automated technology is the iFetch Mini Automatic Ball Launcher toy. There is nothing that will replace sharing a game of fetch with your canine companion, but products like this give your pet an opportunity to enjoy a game of fetch while you are away. Combine this with any of the automated cameras that allow you to talk to your pet, like the Petcube Bites, and you can give your pup part of the full fetch experience from your desk. Some of these cameras even include a treat dispenser to reward your dog. Nothing can replace time with your pet but these technologies help to make their time at home by themselves more comfortable and interaction filled.

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