They may live in the spotlight, but dogs like Elliot, Coco¬†and Sam¬†have no problem doing every day tasks. In fact, they’re just like us!

Check out all the photos now!

 photo 7

They get hurt.

 photo 6

They get excited.

photo 1

They take selfies.

photo 3

They get deep.

photo 2

They hang out with friends.

 photo 4

They live in the city.

photo 5

They love the sunshine.

Your dog could be a star too! ¬†Check out the gang at Elliot’s House!

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Julie Bee
Julie Bee loves taking adventures with her gigantic dog and more regular sized kid and posting pictures of said adventures on Instagram. She resides in a very tiny, picturesque mountain town where she is a Special Education teacher. She can sometimes be found reading poetry behind microphones but more often is on the couch watching reruns of Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Gilmore Girls.

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