There’s a line from a Portlandia episode that I find myself quoting a lot: “Everybody on the Internet, they’re not having as great a time as you think they are.” ¬†I feel that this is never more true than at the holidays. ¬†Pictures of beautiful trees and perfectly foamed lattes and boots in the fresh snow may make you feel as though you’re inadequate, but they are poised vignettes. ¬†Instagram and Pinterest and Twitter are all true and false at the same time; social media is the cat in Schrodinger’s¬†box. ¬†Everything is nothing. ¬†Nothing is everything. ¬†We present and represent ourselves in a way that we want to be viewed. ¬†We show you the best parts of ourselves and our lives. ¬†But there are things we don’t talk about.

This was the post I was going to write today.  I even had pictures.  Behold: my beautiful tree.




Behold: what happens from the dog’s tail wagging, even if I sweep every day (I don’t sweep every day. ¬†I’m lazy. ¬†I’m getting truthful here. ¬†Watch out, there’s more of that to come.)




And literally as I sat down to write this post, to analyze pets and family-time and holiday expectations and our role as social media users and creators there was a pretty serious accident in my house. ¬†I don’t really want to get into the specifics (I’m vague booking on a blog) but the end result is that we do¬†not have Albie in our lives anymore.


Loss of any loved one is hard, but at the holidays it’s harder. ¬†How do we celebrate the good times (come on) when we feel like something or someone is missing? ¬†How do we see others’ joy and not let our own sadness overwhelm everyone? ¬†There’s a saying, “be kind for everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know” and I think that’s probably true. ¬†The holidays are about more than gifts and food (although those are awesome), and now more than ever- not just because of the holidays, but also because of the political state of the world- we should remember to be kind. ¬†Hug your kids and dogs a little tighter. ¬†Smile at the people on the street. ¬†Whatever joy and love you have in your world, pay that forward. ¬†And remember not to let other people make you feel like what you have and what you offer is not enough. ¬†You are enough. ¬†You are more than enough, on the internet and in real life.


Happy Holidays to you all.



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Julie Bee
Julie Bee loves taking adventures with her gigantic dog and more regular sized kid and posting pictures of said adventures on Instagram. She resides in a very tiny, picturesque mountain town where she is a Special Education teacher. She can sometimes be found reading poetry behind microphones but more often is on the couch watching reruns of Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Gilmore Girls.

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