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Hello to all four-legged friends and your humans! Early this December, the Boston Globe published an article about the growing market for dog walking and pet sitting, and we were of course mentioned as one of the great pet service providers in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. What we have seen in the recent years is an increase in pet-friendly apartment buildings, and so we thought; wouldn’t it be great if these buildings included services like ours in the amenities package? It would not only benefit you as a pet owner, who can leave your pets in our care, knowing that they will be taken care of in a safe and friendly environment, but it would also greatly benefit your furry friend, who instead of sitting at home alone waiting for you to come home, can play and socialize with other animals while you’re out and about.


Our services include dog daycare where your dog can enjoy socializing and playing with other dogs and our caregivers, as well as cat sitting in your home. Cats can easily get stressed from traveling, and so this service will let your cat remain in its familiar surroundings, and at the same time we will take care of chores such as watering plants and getting your mail. Other services include our pet taxi service, should your pet need to be brought to the vet, or to for example the airport, and services such as grooming, microchipping, and of course, walking. We offer walks in your own neighborhood, and our professional dog walkers will make sure your furry friend stays healthy with a healthy exercise program.


We think it’s great that the Boston Globe chose to publish an article about the dog walking and pet sitting business, because honestly, it’s not something we see in the media too often. It’s always great to have someone shine a little light on something we are so passionate about. We get to spend every day with amazing animals who bring so much joy into our everyday life, and this is not only important to us, but of course also to our clients, who trust us with their pets. It’s like parents leaving their children in a day care. That’s why it’s so important for us to offer the best service possible, and we’re always working to improve ourselves. Adding Elliot’s House’s services to the apartment buildings offer, would create a network for pet owners and us, and make it easier for you as a pet owner to get in touch with, and make us of our services.


We are very happy the Boston Globe decided to include us in their article, and we would urge you to check out the article for yourselves: https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2015/12/03/growth-industry-refreshes-paws/VPy6qVSpi5iuBX4rXYFEeM/story.html


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