Albie’s BarkBox came and was greeted with enthusiastic tail wagging and happy sniffs. ¬†We missed June (I was on vacation and my husband let Al tear into it before remembering to take pictures, which is a shame, because apparently it had some monkeybutt toy), but feel free to go back through the archives and check out May’s review. ¬†We have gotten this subscription for a year and we love it! ¬†As with most subscription boxes, the longer you sign up for the less it costs. ¬†Boxes are customized to your dogs size and chew-desire. ¬†Albie is, as you know, both a horse and a super heavy chewer. ¬†I love this box because some of his all-favorite and most durable toys have come from this box, and it stops me from buying treats every time I’m at the store because I know they’re coming each month. ¬†So what did he get this month?


First Look




All the goodies!

BarkBox has started including prices on the information cards, as well as codes to reorder items your pooch may love.  This is very cool, and a feature I have taken advantage of with some of the better toys.

Loopies Fish Bones Toy: great for tugging, tossing, and all sorts of rough play. ¬†It’s been a week and it’s still more or less intact so I give it my recommendation. ¬†Edit: my husband just walked in and said that the fish has been filleted. ¬†Al¬†got the squeaker out and let all the stuffing fly free. ¬†Again, this is what Albie does. ¬†That’s the bonus of the box, it doesn’t feel as wasteful when one of these toys gets destroyed. ¬†I couldn’t locate this one online, but BarkBox says it’s worth $15

Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats: USA made and free of wheat, corn, and soy, these are packed with not just chicken but also veggies.  Albie is a huge fan. ( ) $10 value.

Healthy Dogma Coconut Flavor Barkers: these I found on Amazon for almost $14 ( ). ¬†Again, all natural ingredients and made in the the USA. ¬†Barkbox says these are worth $8 so I’ll split the difference and say these are a $10 value.

Etta Says Duck Chew: oooooh, we love etta says duck chews here!  These have come in the box before but they are always welcome.  These are things that I will pick up from time to time in a pet store but they are actually really hard to find.,  $4 value.

Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie: Albie has gotten these before too in BarkBox. ¬†They’re fine, but a little small. ¬†He finishes them fast though, so he must enjoy them. ¬†You but these in the freezer and it’s a great treat on a hot day. ¬†, $2


I think I paid around $18 a month when I signed up, so a $41 box is obviously a great deal!  Do you get BarxBox?  Would you like to?

Sign up for Barkbox here:



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