Keeping your dog fit in the winter time can be a challenge. Outside, it is often too cold for your dog to spend much time out there, as they would be exposed to threats like hypothermia and frostbite. Finding ways to keep your dog fit and active indoors can be challenging, but there are ways to do it. Some helpful tips:

Invest in a Treadmill

There are small treadmills designed for dogs which will allow your pet to stay active while inside the house. Dogs can also use human treadmills as well, as long as the pet owner is monitoring the speed. Nobody wants their dog flying across the room into the wall.


Playing fetch indoors with your doggie may be a bit more difficult than outdoors because of the lack of space, but if you have an open room with not too many valuables lying around, this could be the perfect opportunity for your dog to get some exercise. If you want, you can even turn the room into a canine playroom, complete with toys and exercise gear. Build and obstacle course and reward your dog with a treat when she gets to the end.

Laser Pointer

A cheap and easy way to keep your puppy in good physical condition during the winter. Wave the laser all around the room, and watch your dog leap from one spot to the other, shedding pounds with each brisk movement. Again, keep a close eye on your valuables.

Searching Game

Hide toys and tasty dog treats all around your home, and tell your dog to go find them. Watch as they scour the house in Keep in mind that your dog will do laps as long as there is incentive involved.

Indoor Classes

Dog yoga is a great way for you to bond with your canine and help both of you relax after a tough day. Other indoor classes, such as swimming or Flyball, can help dogs pick up valuable skills and stretch their limbs. If several of your friends are pet parents, you may want to coordinate a play date for the group to share in at a pet-friendly facility.

Keeping your dog fit in the winter time can be a task, but with these few tips, you can make it possible.

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