In cold weather, it is vitally important to keep your dog safe from the harsh ┬áconditions. You will find in the following list the tips needed to keep your precious pooch out of harm’s way this winter.

<h2>Don’t leave your dog outside too long in cold weather.</h2>
We all know that dogs love to be outside, whether it’s running around in the sunshine or playing in the snow. Dogs are excited when they’re outside, and they may want to stay out in the cold for a longer period. This could easily lead your dog to catch frostbite, which is a very serious injury. Let your dog use the potty, and sniff around if she feels like, but then quickly bring her inside.

<h2>Always Keep Your Dog On a Leash</h2>
Dogs may get lost in cold weather or become disoriented in a snow storm, so always make sure to keep your dog on a dependable leash. According to the ASPCA more dogs are lost in the winter than in any other season. Of course, all pets should wear a dog collar year round (with your phone number written down on the inside and up-to-date dog ID tags).

<h2>Never Leave Your Dog In A Cold Car</h2>
In the cold winter months, the temperature in your car drops dramatically after you turn it off. Make sure to never leave your dog unattended inside your car, even for just a few minutes. Your pet might enjoy traveling with you, but they also love to sleep on the couch. Let them stay home where it is safe and warm. When you get home, the warm greeting you’ll receive from your dog will be worth it.

<h2>Let Your Dog’s Coat Grow Out a Little</h2>
During the winter months, never shave your dog’s coat all the way down. This natural coating of hair is your dog’s first line of protection against the cold weather. When bathing your dog in the winter, be sure to always dry them off completely with an absorbent dog towel. If you have anti-freeze in your garage, or other potential poisons, store them up and out of your pet’s reach.

<h2>Buy a A Warm Dog Jacket</h2>
If your dog is going to be outside during extreme cold conditions, think about investing in a high quality dog jacket, coat or dog sweater. This extra protection will be well worth it. Would you go outside in the cold without a coat?

<h2>Provide A Warm Dog Bed And Dog Blanket</h2>
In the cold months of winter, dogs love to snuggle up in a comfortable, cozy dog bed. Providing them with a warm, soft blanket for those freezing nights is a good way to keep your dog happy and comfortable.

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