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Happy Friday! I thought it would be fun to do a list of dog-related things that I am loving every Friday under the heading of “Friday Favorites”. (I totally stole this idea from other blogs I enjoy, with the hope that you would enjoy it too.) So, without further ado, here are some of Albie and my favorite things!


**mommasgonecity on Instagram. The story is that this ridiculously photogenic family in the Bay Area adopted this cute as can be puppy named Theo and he immediately bonded with their toddler, Beau, and they became the best of friends that ever were. Everyday Theo and Beau take a nap together and momma photographs it. Add this little bit of squee to your instafeed. You won’t regret it. http://instagram.com/mommasgonecity/


**retractable leashes! First, I only used a leather leash, but after Albie ate through 3 in his first year we switched to a bungee cord one with a lifetime warranty. That has served us well through 3 more replacements (I have mentioned Albie is fairly out of control, yes?) but I have lately taken up hiking with Albie. Finally, I decided I needed a retractable leash to be able to change up the slack depending if we came across any other dogs or people on our walks, the steepness of the hills, etc. I had always been against retractable leashes because I feel that they don’t allow you to properly leash train your dog but let’s be real, Albie is untrainable. I just want to have a nice hike. I finally broke down and got a retractable leash and it has made a huge difference in my walking enjoyment with Al. Sometimes you need to try a few leashes, collars, etc. to find the ones that work for you and your pup. The important thing is that you go on long and frequent walks because dogs need a good workout every day. Of course, this is also where the beautiful staff of Elliot’s House can help out; I hear dog walking is sort of their thing!  However, if you’re going it alone, make sure you check out some of our favorite dog-friendly spots in Boston: https://www.elliotshouse.com/best-dog-walks-boston-2/


**petprojekt dog egg. It’s rare for Albie to find a toy that he doesn’t destroy within the first few minutes. Kongs are obviously the gold standard, and we have also enjoyed Planet Orbee, but he loves his dog egg the most! It has a squeak, but is not terribly irritating; it has an odd shape which leads to an unexpected bounce which he loves; and it’s solidly made. Great toy for an active dog who is a serious chewer. I mean serious. He ate through a table once; I may have mentioned that.


So that’s what we’re loving! What are you loving lately?

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Julie Bee
Julie Bee loves taking adventures with her gigantic dog and more regular sized kid and posting pictures of said adventures on Instagram. She resides in a very tiny, picturesque mountain town where she is a Special Education teacher. She can sometimes be found reading poetry behind microphones but more often is on the couch watching reruns of Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Gilmore Girls.

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