I remember when my son was very young and I used to read those parenting magazines they publish to create anxiety and a general feeling of inadequacy.  There were a few different articles I read at that time about playgrounds.  One was about the proper safety things that should be there.  As a survivor of metal slides, banana swings on thick chains, and gravel grounds highlighted by broken glass beer bottles I was a bit leery of all the things I was warned to watch out for.  One article recommended bringing a ruler to the playground to measure the inches of soft ground or something like that.  It had to do with the spongy, artificial ground in most playgrounds.  Another article focused more on making friends with the parents of other children at the playground.  It suggested making “business” card that said Kid’s Name(s)’s Mom, phone number, email address.  It even suggested playdate/ appointment times on the back.  My husband and I laughed about how I would look completely insane running around the local playgrounds with my ruler and cards.  My son is all grown up now, in the sense that he arranges his own hangs (playdates are so elementary school!) and can watch out for the ground’s buoyancy on his own,  so now we only need to know how to circumnavigate the world of dog parks.  So what ARE the rules?  Let’s see…



Fort Washington  is located on 101 Waverly Street between Erie Street and Putnam Avenue and is not fenced in.  It declares itself a shared use park and is stocked with doggy bags and trash receptacles.  I still would make sure to bring my own bags.  Also don’t forget to always bring water, especially as the days are heating up!

Pacific Street Park is located at the corner of Pacific Street and Sydney Street and has a fenced in area, along with doggy bags and trash cans.

Danehy Park is located at 99 Sherman Street, near Garden and New Street, and has an area for leash free pups.  They boast of bags here too, but I feel that bags are stocked infrequently as a rule so make sure you have some here too!

Fresh Pond Reservoir allows dog’s to run off leash (not on mowed grassy areas) with some restrictions.  Again, bags and bins are on area.

It’s great that the parks in Cambridge think about providing bags and cans because you know what’s gross?  Not picking up after your dog.  Not to mention it’s a finable offense.

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Julie Bee
Julie Bee loves taking adventures with her gigantic dog and more regular sized kid and posting pictures of said adventures on Instagram. She resides in a very tiny, picturesque mountain town where she is a Special Education teacher. She can sometimes be found reading poetry behind microphones but more often is on the couch watching reruns of Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Gilmore Girls.

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