My Dog Loves Enchiladas

<h3>A safe delicious vegetable treat for your dog</h3>

Recently, I was making enchiladas, and suddenly my 2-year-old boxer, Julienne, started going crazy. I was wondering what all of the fuss was about, and I realized that the scent of the tomatillo sauce was putting her into a frenzy, and she kept jumping up towards the counter to get at the sauce. It was the strangest thing because Julienne had never reacted that way towards a vegetable‚ÄĒnormally it’s just the meats and fish that make her delirious with hunger. Tomatillo sauce must contain something that really strikes a dog’s senses, because immediately Julienne went into a groaning, lip-licking craze. After I finished with my meal, I put a little tomatillo sauce in a bowl for Julienne, and she licked the plate clean with as much enjoyment as she could handle. If you ever want to give your dog a safe, delicious vegetable¬†treat, after, say, a day of good behavior, put a little tomatillo sauce in a bowl for them and watch them shake and wiggle with happiness as they lick the bowl clean.

By: Alex Malkki

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