Is your dog a jumper? Mine is. It’s like she had springs surgically attached to her paws, as she is constantly jumping all over me, and any guests I have over. Sometimes, I love the affection, but sometimes I am too tired or busy to deal with the flying dog spectacle and it becomes an aggravation. Yet over time, I have learned a few key things to keep my dog from going into an all-out spaz attack, and I hope they may help you keep your dog tamed as well.

1. Establish yourself as the pack leader
If a dog does not have a clear pack leader, it will immediately take on that roll itself. By letting your dog do as it pleases, and not putting your foot down when she is acting up, you’re showing her that she has all the power, and she will run circles around you. Put your foot down and direct your dog in a calm-assertive manner. You don’t need to yell, you just need to be firm.

2. Don’t shower your dog with affection
Of course, it is difficult not to embrace your dog with open arms when she comes running towards you when you walk through the door. While it is okay to embrace her, cut the embrace off after a moment or two and reinsert yourself in the position of her leader. This will show her that while you care for her, you are also her boss. There has to be an equal amount of business and pleasure.

3. One hand on the nose and one on the body
The best technique that I’ve found to getting my dog to stay on the ground is putting an open hand on there nose and pushing down while at the same time pushing them down towards the ground and commanding ‘no!’. Dog’s noses are sensitive, and after repeating this method several times, they will not want to get pushed down again by their nose.

4. Being a leader is a 24/7 job
This is not a job you can slack off on. Inconsistency will only trigger confusion and anxiety in your dog, and perpetuate their hyper behavior. Show her that you are the boss at all times, and you will always have the upper hand.

5. Spoil her, but only after she obeys!
This positive reinforcement will show her that there will be rewards if she obeys you and behaves well. But don’t give her any treats for no reason. Only after she behaves well, as this will make her WANT to obey you.

With these few tips, you can have your dog in your control with the snap of your finger. You do not have to be burdened by a jumping dog anymore or have to worry about your guests getting knocked down. Show your dog that you are the boss always, and your dog’s feet will stay planted on the ground for good.

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