September 2014 BarkBox: Go Team!

September 2014 BarkBox: Go Team!

I felt like this box took a really long time to get here, but it looks like it was August 25 when the last one came so I guess I was wrong.  Anyway, what a treat to get a Homecoming-themed box on the first day of fall.  This box contained some of Albie’s tried and true favorite items (insert your favorite “be true to your school” emotion/ pun here) and a treat that he was really not into.  Which is which?  Let’s read on and find out!

What would Homecoming be without the big game?  Included in this box is a PetProjekt Skrubal Football.  This is a brand that we love around here because these toys are built to last.  Also, they’re kind of pricey so I would balk at buying them in a store.  You may recall (because you read my BarkBox reviews like the literary treasure that they are) that Albie received a PetProjekt egg in one box that he loved so much we actually reordered it when he lost it.  As soon as I opened the box he was jumping to get the football.  Play on, player.  Enjoy.  Hut hut hike, etc.  Barkbox says this is a $14 toy, but on Amazon it was $16.  Aim high, Bark Box; as any Captain of the football team knows, you never undersell yourself!



Etta Says Duck Chew.  Oh, Etta Says.  Albie always loves these and this is a nice, long one (that’s what she said?).  This will be great to give Al when the whole family goes out for hours on a weekend.  Made from American duck, this is a treat that we are always thrilled to see in BarkBox.  $4 value.


Safemade Pet Berkeley Pennant.  I’ll add a whole box picture so you can see the duck chew and pennant.  This is actually a BarkBox exclusive.  Very cute, and full of that crinkly material with a durable exterior.  This probably will last awhile with the big chewer.  It’s not a lifer toy like PetProject, but I don’t have to regift this one.  $7 value. (Edited: It didn’t make it through the night.  I really need to start giving away anything that’s not serious plastic/ tire material.)



Petsafe Indigo Smokehouse Strips- Bacon.  Who doesn’t love bacon?  Mmmmmmm, bacon.  Oh, sorry.  Where was I?  Made with 100% American pork and no artificial anything, these are so fresh that they should be refrigerated after opening and used within 3 days.  An airtight canister is also recommended.  BarkBox says this is a $7 treat, but as I can only find double the size online for $10, I’m going to say this one is a $5 value.  And it’s also an award winner!


Which brings us to our final item: Barkworthies Sweet Potato Steak Fries.  Now, listen, I want to be straight with you: I have seen Albie eat poop.  Both his own, and random other animal’s poop.  He’s not really that discerning.  And yet, he literally turned his nose up at these.  He sniffed, turned away, and never gave it a second look.  It’s still lying sadly on my kitchen floor.  These are made from 100% sweet potatoes and are “pawfect for sensitive bellies and pups with allergies” but I guess undesirable to those who prefer to eat poop, paper towels, a couch made by my deceased Nana when she was still with us, and flip flops.  BarkBox says these have an $8 value, but Albie says they are worthless.



All in all, this box had a $40 value.  I paid about $18/ box for the 6 month subscription.  As always, we love BarkBox and think this is one of the best subscription boxes out there!

Want to subscribe?  Get 10% off by using this link:

Let me know if you got a box and what was in it!  I’m off to kick up some leaves with Al!


BarkBox Review: August 2014

BarkBox Review: August 2014

Albie’s August BarkBox came and was greeted with the usual enthusiastic tail wagging and happy sniffs.  I’m not sure how he knows it’s for him (I mean, I imagine it’s the smell) but I like to pretend he can read and he sees the doggy logo and is like, Oh thank god, I have been waiting for my monthly treat.  Mother, get the scissors and get it open.  Shhhhh, I’m not weird.  You are.  Anyway, we have gotten this subscription for over a year and we love it!  As with most subscription boxes, the longer you sign up for the less it costs.  Boxes are customized to your dog’s size and chew-desire.  Albie is, as you may know if you have been following, both a giant and a super-heavy chewer.  I love this box because some of his all-favorite and most durable toys have come from it, and it stops me from buying treats every time I’m at the store because I know they’re coming each month.  How’s that for justifying cost?  I think it actually saves me money!  So what did he get this month?



First Look at the box

In order for me to be able to take any pictures I had to get Albie out of the way.  I teased him with that big ol’ ball and threw it at him.


Look how nice I sit, Mommy!  Throw it! (I took off the paper first)

The theme this month was “Ahoy, matey”.  The description card promised a “mighty ocean inspired journey” that will allow your pup to have fun both on land and at sea.  A fairly new, and very cool, feature is the ability to text to reorder favorite items.  I think that everything should be able to occur through texts.  That sounds more dystopian that I intended, but for something like a reorder of a subscription box item a text seems efficient and hassle free!  The information cards are really cute, featuring cartoon pups, quality paper, nice font, and clever puns.  This box really does feel like a treat for Al and us.

So that big ol’ ball I threw to Al is Jolly Pets Romp and Roll: it’s a combination ball and rope that allows pups to have an exciting playtime.  It floats!  It has endless possibilities!  It is just a red ball now because Albie ate that rope off so quickly!  Hahahaha.  We don’t hate the player, just the game (or something) so this is not a critique of the toy.  Albie is an animal, and I mean that metaphorically not literally as, obviously, he’s an animal.  Aren’t we all?  His new red ball seems very sturdy.  BarkBox says this toy was worth $11 but Amazon has it priced higher.  They claim it’s a $19 item but you can have it delivered by drones for $13.29 and free prime shipping.


Jolly Pets Romp n’ Roll



The rest of the box

Usually there’s 5 items in the box, so this one felt a wee bit light.  Besides the big ball, Albie received a lobster toy and 2 seafood-themed treats.  On a related note, I wish I had lobster rolls and cheddar biscuits right now.  This review is bringing out the seafood lover in me.  Which is to say that Albie received:

Grandma Bowser’s Cheddar Biscuits He has received this brand before and enjoyed it and these biscuits are no different.  They are made in the USA and free of wheat, corn, and soy (because it’s important to give our pets as many food restrictions as we give ourselves!)  BarkBox quotes these as an $8 item and the internet agrees!


Bocce’s Baker Lobster Roll Treat These yummy looking treats are made with locally-sourced lobster from the coast of Maine and are wheat-free.  Organic rye & barley flour, lobster, kelp, and parsley are the only ingredients.  Hmmmmm… maybe I could have lobster rolls tonight!  (Just kidding.)  BarkBox and the internet price these at $10 a bag.

The final item Albie received was a Pet Rageous Lobster.  This came with its own information card.  It said that the “Lobster will be happiest when swimming around in some water- whether that be rivers, lakes, a backyard pool, or dare we say… a bathtub!  Your pup’s new Lobster friend is not intended to be a chew toy but rather one to be enjoyed during some supervised, watery fun.”  Well, Albie doesn’t really understand that anything isn’t intended to be used a chew toy (including a beautiful pair of Madewell flats, eyeglasses, and a coffee table) so this one has stayed in the box.  Actually, I have a friend who is expecting a baby so I may just be sending this on her way to use as a bath toy for the new baboo.  Albie would demolish it in a good 3 minutes and it sure is cute.  BarkBox said that the lobster is worth $8  and I’m having a hard time finding otherwise, so we can go with that price.

All totaled, using the BarkBox prices, even though they seem to err on the lower side, this box had a value of $37, putting it well above the $18/ box I paid at subscription.  Also, part of the value comes from not paying for shipping, which if you live in a rural town like I do, where the nearest Target is a 25 minute drive, is really important.  Part of the fun, of course, is getting things you don’t see everywhere and the surprise of what you will get.  I used to personally subscribe to other boxes for myself, like ipsy, yuzen, and pop sugar, but stopped because the items didn’t always justify the cost as they were things I already had, didn’t need, didn’t want, or could find cheaper online or at Marshalls.  I don’t ever feel that way about BarkBox.  Worst case scenario, we get a cute toy like the lobster that I just know he will tear up but can regift to a pal.  Once in a while we get treats he’s not immediately feeling, but eventually even those get eaten because, like Nicki Minaj, you can tell he’s not missing no meals.  (Real talk: that song is dumb.  I hope Sir Mix-A-Lot got paid.  His song was awesome).  

All in all, I would give August’s BarkBox 4 out of 5 tail wags.  Do you subscribe?  Do you want to?  Subscribe here:


We Ruv Barkbox!

We Ruv Barkbox!

It started with Birchbox- makeup and skin care samples- and then the subscription box world EXPLODED. There are boxes for almost everything: lifestyle, scarves, underwear, food, bicycling, babies, kids, and, of course, pets. Of all the pet subs, I like Barkbox the best. It’s a nice mix of treats and solid, chew-proof toys. Truly, some of Albie’s favorite toys have come in the box. In fact, the dogegg from Friday’s Favorites was a Barkbox exclusive! Barkbox let’s you customize for your exact dog. You say how big your dog is, as well as what kind of a chewer s/he is.  This allows Barkbox to ensure that you get things you can use. I’ve seen reviews of Barkbox where the owner has smaller dogs, they usually get more treats or toys to make up for the fact that the larger dogs get more expensive (and usually more intense) toys. With all subscription services, the longer you subscribe, the more you save. We renew every 6 months. Basically, getting the box keeps me from impulse buying treats and toys when I’m out. So what was in May’s?

Let’s see:


photo 1


A toy!  Bionic rubber FDA approved chew stick.  Albie approves too!  You can see a video of its indestructibility on the website., extra large urban stick, $29.99

photo 2


Look at that tail go.  You know Albie wants something when he sits without being asked.

And many treats!

photo 3

 Hee hee- look at that snout a-sniffing!

Nootie Jerky: Made in the USA (so important!  Have you heard about all the dogs getting sick from treats made in China?) BBQ chicken jerky broken into bite-size pieces.

, $12.99


Snicky Snacks: Made in the USA, 100% organic and GMO-free these apple cobbler treats look adorable.  Plus, just yesterday, we realized that Al really likes apples!  My husband was snacking and Albie was begging as usual and finally my husband was like, “here, buddy, you won’t like it” and Al was all, “I beg to differ, dad”.  So apples!  Hooray!

couldn’t find a price on this, I’ll estimate it at $7.


Zuke’s clean crisp bones with farmer’s market flavors.  Again, made in the USA with organic ingredients.  I love big treats like this for when we leave Al for an extended time, like on the weekend if we go shopping., $3.99


So,  all totaled the box was a retail value of almost $54 and I paid what amounted to $18 for the month.  Barkbox, we ruv you!

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