We Ruv Barkbox!

We Ruv Barkbox!

It started with Birchbox- makeup and skin care samples- and then the subscription box world EXPLODED. There are boxes for almost everything: lifestyle, scarves, underwear, food, bicycling, babies, kids, and, of course, pets. Of all the pet subs, I like Barkbox the best. It’s a nice mix of treats and solid, chew-proof toys. Truly, some of Albie’s favorite toys have come in the box. In fact, the dogegg from Friday’s Favorites was a Barkbox exclusive! Barkbox let’s you customize for your exact dog. You say how big your dog is, as well as what kind of a chewer s/he is.  This allows Barkbox to ensure that you get things you can use. I’ve seen reviews of Barkbox where the owner has smaller dogs, they usually get more treats or toys to make up for the fact that the larger dogs get more expensive (and usually more intense) toys. With all subscription services, the longer you subscribe, the more you save. We renew every 6 months. Basically, getting the box keeps me from impulse buying treats and toys when I’m out. So what was in May’s?

Let’s see:


photo 1


A toy!  Bionic rubber FDA approved chew stick.  Albie approves too!  You can see a video of its indestructibility on the website.

http://www.bionicplay.com, extra large urban stick, $29.99

photo 2


Look at that tail go.  You know Albie wants something when he sits without being asked.

And many treats!

photo 3

 Hee hee- look at that snout a-sniffing!

Nootie Jerky: Made in the USA (so important!  Have you heard about all the dogs getting sick from treats made in China?) BBQ chicken jerky broken into bite-size pieces.

, $12.99


Snicky Snacks: Made in the USA, 100% organic and GMO-free these apple cobbler treats look adorable.  Plus, just yesterday, we realized that Al really likes apples!  My husband was snacking and Albie was begging as usual and finally my husband was like, “here, buddy, you won’t like it” and Al was all, “I beg to differ, dad”.  So apples!  Hooray!

couldn’t find a price on this, I’ll estimate it at $7.


Zuke’s clean crisp bones with farmer’s market flavors.  Again, made in the USA with organic ingredients.  I love big treats like this for when we leave Al for an extended time, like on the weekend if we go shopping.

http://www.zukes.com/store/dogs/z-bones.html, $3.99


So,  all totaled the box was a retail value of almost $54 and I paid what amounted to $18 for the month.  Barkbox, we ruv you!

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