Tear stains—that brown gunky stuff that runs down from your dog’s eye—can be best taken care of using three different techniques:

Wipe Them Off

Mix a dab ten-percent hydrogen peroxide with water and gently swab the solution over the tear stains, making sure to be very careful not to get any of the solution in your dog’s eyes. Finish by rinsing the fur with clean water to get rid of any residue.

Clip them off

Using clippers, you may carefully try to remove the gunk. Or, you may try to pluck the dirty fur. Be sure to never use scissors around your dog’s eyes or face for any reason. Also, use clippers only if you know your dog is tolerant of them; otherwise, a disaster will ensue.

Cover them up

Hiding the stains is is a safer but less effective approach than wiping or clipping, but if you are showing your dog, you may have to opt for one of these methods:

Cornstarch: Rub a small amount of this on the stains — be careful or her eyes! — and it can whiten or lighten the stained area.

Face cream/powder: Slightly wet the stained area and use a small amount of cream to apply the powder. (Carefully!) Then you may gently brush out the area. Some of the powder will stick, thus making your dog’s face more appealing.

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